Behind the Lens

M. Lewis Photography is the brand name for Matt Lewis. Matt Lewis is a Fine Art Photographer based in the UK. His works are centred around Landscape and Travel, although as a passionate photographer Matt Lewis's work encompasses all genres within the art. His aim is to simply capture life and inspire others of the world around them. 

Matt began his journey into photography nearly 20 years ago, moving from film to digital. After spending 10 years working in education and training he chose to follow his passion and focus on his photography. Matt now uses his experience and skills to train others and lead workshops for people wishing to progress their love of photography.


Always up for a challenge and creating new images Matt works on various different projects. From Landscape to Portrait, Matt thrives in creating new content.

If you are feeling inspired to learn more about photography. Or perhaps you wish to create something for your business or personal use, and would like to work with M. Lewis Photography please click the following link.